A clean & safe floor surface

Why scrape overspray residues
when you can roll?

Standard traffic

Our FR80 Floor Paper will allow safe pedestrian traffic

  • AP08362 36"x300'
  • AP08422 42"x300'
  • AP08602 60"x300'
  • AP08722 72"x300'

Heavy traffic

Our FR100 Floor Paper will allow safe pallet jack traffic.

  • AP10362 36"x300'
  • AP10422 42"x300'
  • AP10302 60"x300'
  • AP10722 72"x300'

Put your floor paper to the test!

  • Lower caliper and higher tensile strength increase tear resistance providing a tough, durable floor paper that better withstands heavy use.
  • Lower porosity decreases the wicking effect found in most floor coverings, thus reducing additional clean- up.
  • Superior brightness has directional reflectance at 457nm (TAPPI 452).
  • Excellent flame resistance (T461cm-00), approved by the Physical Properties Committee of TAPPI, improves the safeguarding of persons and property from hazards arising from fire
  • Save labor, time and money with easy installation and removal; more efficient and cost effective than manually removing overspray deposits and residues from floor surfaces.
  • Vivid bright white paper illuminates booth visibility reducing rejects by minimizing shadows

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